Recipe for Reading

Recipe for Reading is one of the first reading programs we tried. It includes a teacher manual, student workbooks and a series of related books (beginning readers) called The Alphabet Series. It was recommended to us by our speech therapist when we started homeschooling. One of the reasons she recommended it is that it introduces letters in a similar sequence as the Orton Gillingham approach, which she uses with her students.

I really like the manual provided for the teacher. It goes over how to introduce the letters / sounds, recommends corresponding student workbook pages, and when the student is ready, it suggests a beginning reader book that reinforces what is learned.

Because my daughter does not appreciate me “teaching” directly to her, I experiment with various ways of introducing topics. She enjoys video, so I often use that. Sometimes I type on my computer in the video rather than writing by hand.

The Alphabet Series readers correspond to the lessons and workbook pages. I like making a copy of the pages in the reader so we can work on a few pages at a time during the week. My daughter enjoys coloring in the illustrations on the pages. We often underline or highlight key words on the page.

picture of reader

The only disadvantage to this program for us is that my daughter really resists traditional “school” approaches. She also responds better to sight words instruction.

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