Reading Eggs

I have experimented a lot with curriculum for reading and math with my daughter. She has a lot of school related anxiety and it is hard to motivate her, especially with reading. While nothing is perfect, we have had more success with the Reading Eggs program than just about anything we have tried.

Here are some of the things I really like about Reading Eggs.

  • It uses sight words as well as phonics. Many kids with Fragile X struggle with phonics and tend to do better using sight words. I’ve noticed that Reading Eggs practices sight words enough to help my daughter build confidence in her reading ability.
  • Placement tests that are relatively easy and painless and allow us to start with the appropriate lesson.
  • Predictability. There is enough variety in the characters and lessons to keep her interested, but the format is very predictable. Without this, we would never have been able to stick with the program. She is able to quickly understand the format and instructions, and most importantly, she knows that after a particular section it will be over. There is also a panel on the side that lets you view each section of the lesson so you know how close you are to the end.
  • Each lesson begins with a view of a map that shows progression from one lesson to the next. This is a helpful visual and provides motivation to complete the map.
  • Parent resources that include email progress reports and accuracy percentages. There are also optional printable worksheets that correspond to each lesson.

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