Primary Mathematics

When I first started homeschooling my daughter in the beginning of second grade, place value (tens and ones) was the next goal in her IEP. I did some online research and ended up trying out two different math programs (and a few online and app resources). Primary Mathematics was the first one we tried.

What I love most about Primary Mathematics is the simple, colorful illustrations. I chose this program to try first because it seems like it would work well for a visual learner. It is also important for my daughter to have pages that are not cluttered or overwhelming. The “textbook” (about the same size as a “workbook”) introduces each concept with full color illustrations. It works well as a springboard for practice on the whiteboard. (My daughter loves using the whiteboard.) The corresponding workbook (black and white pages) provides additional exercises to complete. It looks like the series covers pre-k through grade 8. For a description of the philosophy behind Primary Mathematics (Singapore Math), visit the website.

I sometimes introduce concepts in a video she watches on her iPad prior to working together on the white board. She seems to respond to that better than if I sit down with the book to do “school”.

I haven’t decided on “the” math curriculum for my daughter yet. We have struggled so much that I’ve decided to take a step back and spend time on basic addition and subtraction facts before picking up with a math curriculum. She can answer place value problems using manipulatives and counting on her fingers, but I never got the impression that she really understood why we were doing it. I’ve also noticed that even in counting, she tends to skip numbers or rush through counting them, leading to inaccuracy. I plan to take another look at Primary Mathematics after we have spent more time on learning math facts.

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